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Happy Halloween!

my $5.99 costume
my $5.99 costume
Tonight I will go over to my friend’s housing complex and take Rebecca trick or treating. I wonder if we will play tricks on the homes that do not gives us candy (nay) that’s to childish and evil, but it is Halloween. My friend Irfan complex is huge we have to drive 3 mile in from the gate to get to his house. The homes in his complex are pretty big so I suspect the candy won’t be cheap. We might get Snickers, Mars bars and other name brand goodies. I am not a big candy freak but I do like Snickers and I might eat a few bars tonight.
Tis’ the season to be creative! Design your own gifts
Curtis Matthews

Dania Beach yesterday sunning

My day at the beach was very relaxing and fun. We stopped by Publix and brought fried chicken and Italian bread to snack on then we went to John Lloyd state park beach. Its one of our favorite beaches in South Florida to go too. There is never a big crowd, you can have a picnic, they have barbecue grills and rentals for boats and other water crafts. There is also a resturant on the beach called Loggerhead.
Yesterday we saw a lot of Jellyfish beached on the sand but after high tide came in most of them got washed back to sea. We were wondering if that is normal for them to get beached on the sand like that. I thought the heat from the sun would kill them. I Google it and found out that they are at the mercy of the wind and currents, so the ones that survive the sun, and get washed back out do survive. I did put back a few in the water hoping they would survive. All creatures have the right to live and on this planet we control the destiny of most creatures.
But besides all that we got great tans. Check out our pictures, that’s Gina and me. The pictures were taken with my Blackberry Bold.

Blogging by email

Blogging by email is the easiest way for me to do new posts to my Blog. I have been using this way to post for over a year now but its different now since I changed the Blog to be hosted on Hostgator while using the WordPress Blog software. The old Blog on WordPress let me put html and pictures in the email and it would show up in the post but now after I write the post I must logon to my WordPress administration site and edit the Blog with pictures, links, html and or any other media files. I guess I would just have to figure out how to work around the new Blogging software.
Now I still have not transferred back my Blog from Godaddy to WordPress, I am still picking out the new template. The Godaddy Blog was not bad but to get good rankings on the web with Google WordPress is much better to use.
The day before yesterday I forwarded my domain to so I can use the in my tweets on twitter as it is a much shorter url. You can follow me on twitter @ curtismatthews or @


My last two days at the gym sucked

Its almost been one week now since I started the Creatine and Glutamine supplements. I started those supplements because I lost a lot of weight and most of that weight has been muscle weight. My strength has also dropped a lot so I decided to changed my training routine to a four day split instead of three days. The supplements are suppose to help me recover faster from the workouts and allow me to train harder. The second day after taking the supplements I felt stronger but that might have been a mental thing.
Now my training routine is legs on day 1, shoulders biceps and forearms on day 2, back on day 3 and chest and triceps on day 4. This give my body parts a extra day to rest, recover and grow. My routine before was chest shoulder and triceps on day 1, back biceps and forearms on day 2 and legs on day 3. Abs and calves are thrown in randomly, I do those body parts when I have time to squeeze them in.
I know it has not been a full week yet but I should feel a little more rested and a little stronger.
Yesterday I did legs and I did 2 less reps than I normally do on the leg press with the heaviest weight and then I got dizzy when trying to do squats, so I stopped and then went real light the rest of the workout. Today I could not go heavy on shoulders like I wanted too and my biceps workout was shity, only six total sets. I did play Racquetball last night for an hour and a half but doubles and you don’t run as much or exert yourself as much in doubles.
I bitching because I want to see progress as fast as the roid boys but as a natural bodybuilder. Training natural is a science and my research and experiments are still in its infant stages. Well now at least I am doing 30 minutes of cardio after my workout today. This give me my Blog posting time and it makes the time go by much faster. Tomorrow is my back day and I will train hard the go to the beach to work on my tan, which tanning is the easy part for me because I am naturally tanned since I come from Trinidad.

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