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Black Friday was just another day

The last few days I have not posted anything new because I was doing the Thanksgiving holiday thing. We drove to Tampa Wednesday night after working. We left from Pembroke Pines, stopped and picked up dinner at Romeus Cuban restaurant and took the food to go. Our drive took us 4 hours so we got to our destination around midnight. After eating and drinking all day on Thanksgiving we drove back around 6pm because I had to work the next day which was black Friday the busiest shopping day of the year.
Since I am in the retail business and cell phones are a hot ticket item for the holidays I had to be prepared for the potential business that we might have gotten. I had an idea that we would not be as busy as the malls or the big box stores and we did not have any loss leader offers to get the crowds at our location.

T-Mobile Free Companion Flights Offer

The day was busier than I had expected mostly upgrades and customer service issues but at the end of the day we were profitable and did not have to drop our pants.
I did turn away a lot of customers asking for the Apple iPhone or free Blackberry 9700s. We still don’t sell the iPhone and the Blackberry 9700 in the store is definitely not free.
Well I need to work on my Blogs this weekend and put sales online for the various cell phone deals offered. So check out my Blog for the latest deals on cell phones and the best plans available.

My last training day before Thanksgiving

Today I did my first mat pilates class. First I did about 10 sets of pull ups, and then I took the pilates class. All my years of weight training, I never stretched properly so I thought that pilates class would benefit me. I did exercises and stretching that I never did before. I see the benefits from stretching so I’m deciding to take that class as much as I can with time permitting. Since they class starts so late I only can take it on my days off and my days off are not consistent so the class may or may not be available that day. Tonight I planned to take a different class, I’m going with my stepdaughter Rebecca to do a body shape in class. This class uses light weights with aerobics. Hopefully these different exercises we’ll help stimulate different muscles in my body. I need to continue to grow if I want to compete in a natural body building competition.

This post was completely done by a speech recognition software that I have on my Sony laptop. So this is basically a test, hopefully I will get much better at this allowing me to do more post to my Blogs.

WordPress app for iphone

I did a post earlier today with the WordPress application that I downloaded to me Apple iPhone but it did not save. I am only using the web with wifi because I had a Blackberry Bold before and I did not change the data feature as yet. So everything that I wrote before did not save I thought it saved because I was able to go back and edit what I wrote before but now that I wanted to publish what I had written with the pictures, ii do not know where the text had gone.