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29 Jan 10

I just did a tweet on my two twitter accounts @ MobileWiseGuy and @ CurtisMatthews asking any SEO experts, SEO marketing, search engine optimization experts out on the web, if my domain is worth anything.
Those tweets were done this morning 1/29/10 around 6am. Now I am riding the recumbent bike in the LA Fitness on 184 avenue and Pines Blvd, writing a post about my two tweets.

While writing my post I got a couple of tweets as followers on one of my twitter account @ MobileWiseGuy maybe because I did the first tweet on MobileWiseGuy twitter account or it has more followers than @ CurtisMatthews.

The two follow tweets were duplicated letting me believe they have program that searches key words on twitter and initiates a follow twice.

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24 Jan 10

Last year I rode my bike by CB Smith Park and saw they were having a concert. It was the annual Chili Cook Off, lots of country music and a chili cook off contest.

The main thing that caught my attention was how the surrounding area was thrashed with garbage and broken beer bottles.

This year I made the mistake of driving in that direction in the morning to go to the gym and like last year it was thrashed and it seems that it must go on for two day because that trash could not have gotten there at 8am. Besides the trash a mile long line of cars with confederate flags waving were waiting to get into the park. I was block from going the direction I was attempting to go and had to turn around and go to another LA Fitness in west Pembroke Pines.

I have to say last year I remembered that the following Monday after the Chili cook off weekend the streets were clean so I can not bitch that some country music, chili eating, beer drinking folks had a good time.

I am just jealous I don’t like country music that much or I would be drinking beer and eating chili with my American Flag t shirt.

Chili Cook Off

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