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dating sites

‪‪I was contacted by Tangowire and need to do what is written below. I am hoping to make some money with Google and other websites.

These are my dating related domains.

My instructions are below.
Valued Partner:

As we said in our last communication we are very excited that we have established a direct relationship with Google and are able to assist you in moving forward with your Adwords campaigns. In order to solve the recent issues and/or to avoid future issues is to have unique landing pages for your campaigns.  We will need you to mock up your page(s) and send them to us at we will have your designs coded and placed in front of your site for you to start driving traffic your AdWords campaigns to.
Let’s get started on your unique landing page….

What is a landing page


In online marketing a landing page, sometimes known as a lead capture page, it is the page that appears when a potential customer clicks on an advertisement. The page displays content that is a logical extension of the advertisement.  This pages main goal is to persuade a visitor to complete a transaction – In your case you want your landing page to be compelling to enough for the visitor to click through and become a member of your site.

Rules for Landing Pages


As long as your truthful the design is completely up to you!

Things to consider



Make sure your landing page refers directly to the ad copy that drove the click.  If your ad is for Single Parents your landing page will want to be written and have visuals the single parent can relate to. Match your language as exactly as you can. This way you keep your visitor oriented and engaged. This is by far the most important part of your landing page.


Provide a clear call to action. Whether you use graphic buttons or hot-linked text (or both), tell your visitor what they need to do. We recommend 2 calls to action on your landing page. So, Join Now Free and Search are two calls to action.


Be crystal clear in your goals. Keep your description copy on point as a logical progression from your headline and offer.


Write to the screen. Take a piece of paper and frame-out where your text, buttons, and design elements will go. Keep the landing page short so all your content will be seen “above the fold” a visitor will make a decision about your site in less than 3 seconds.


Remove all extraneous matter from your landing page. Like visual clutter and links to other sections. You want the visitor focused solely on your copy, your supportive visual, and the offer you’re making without being tempted to wander elsewhere.

Elements You Can Use


Site Name/Logo


Currently Online

Success Stories

Quick Search

Registration Button/Link


Where to Start


You can design your landing page in any program you want (Paint, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PhotoShop, or even a piece of paper and a pen and fax it to us)

–   Take a piece of paper and design your landing page – what elements you want incorporated, where you want your picture, your text, your call to action etc.-  Go to your favorite program and mock it up – This does not have to be professional or to scale we will do the heavy lifting once you send us your mock up.  –   

 If you still feel a little lost check out the attached “How To Guide” we have provided you a step- by- step guide to creating a basic mock up in MSFT Paint.Examples of Landing Pages———————————–

What to send us


Email with the following information and attachments
1. Send us the photo you want to use – if you do not have a photo please describe what you would like the photo to be of (two men, two woman, one women, man and women) and we will do our best to pick a photo for you. (please be sure you have usage rights)
2. If you do not want the color palette of your site please provide us the colors you would like in RGB format.
3. Please list the elements that you want – even though you have it mocked up we want to be sure you are not forgetting anything that you were planning on having.Remember the elements are:

Site Name/Logo

Description (What do you want the visitor to know)

Currently Online

Call to Action  (Button or Link)

Success Stories

Quick Search


4.       Briefly explain anything you would like to us to know– (Like make sure my header goes across the page or make sure my logo is in the lower right corner)5.       Don’t forget to attach the mock up!‬
The TangoWire Team

adding pages to a Blog

The last couple of days I added a few pages with my daily workouts and food intake. I started doing this on Valentines day and almost kept good records of everything. I say almost good because I wanted to record all the foods by picture, video and text on my Blog. I have not taken pictures and written text of all foods but most is here and with time and efficiency I will only get better.

I am using the WordPress application on my Blackberry and so far today 2/17/10 almost everything was done with this app. Besides the video of lunch on one of my food days everything was easy.

The lunch video could not upload with the WordPress application in my Blackberry Bold 9700. I had to send to Youtube then download back to my 9700 as a MP4 then upload with the word press application.

Then the format which the days a shown on the bottom of my Blog seem to be a little busy with all the days listed on the bottom. I thought I would be able to file under specific pages and the only way to view the daily pages was to go to the main page of workouts or food to see the daily logs.

Super Bowl Sunday 2010

writing my post while doing cardio

writing my post while doing cardio

Today is the Super Bowl, I live in South Florida so everything is about the Super Bowl around town. I did not attend any of the parties around town but I will be watching the bowl game and rooting for the New Orleans Saints.
The Saints are the underdog and never won a Super Bowl. This is their time to win. The city of New Orleans needs this boost for the city. They have had hard times in the last few years.
The New Orleans Saints fans are out numbering the Colts fans in South Florida at least 5 to 1. So the Saints have the support of their fans here in South Florida.
I am in the gym now writing this post and after I will go to work till 4pm. Then after work I will go over my uncle’s house which is a few mile away from the newly named Sun Life Stadium where the Super Bowl will be held. I will get that imaginary feeling of being at the bowl game.

back in the gym

I have gone to the gym at least four days this week. I am back on track with my training. The last couple of months with the holidays and activities going on I did not make time for my training.
My workouts were sporadic and not intense enough for me to achieve my goals. So this is the week I started back on track with my training and I will keep a record of my progress on this Blog.
I just downloaded an application to make the posting a lot easier for me to do from my Blackberry.