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mother’s day mom and I went to a casino

Pompano horse track
Hardrock winnings
The wheel spin for the players card.

This Mother’s Day my mom wanted to go to a casino. A few weeks earlier she went to Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood with her seniors group from Palm Beach and she enjoyed herself so much that’s what she wanted to go to a Casino on Mother’s Day.

So this Mothers Day we were going to take my mom to the HardRock casino. She had won $157 last time and started only with $15 that was given to the seniors to start them off.

We did go to a Casino but ended up at the Isle Casino in Pompano Florida. The Isle casino is also a horse racing track.

My mom wanted a players card that tracks your gambling and gives you points from the amount of money you spend. When the casino gives you the card you get to spin a wheel for a prize. The prizes range from $5 to start gambling too $500 cash.

My mom spun and got $5 on her card to gamble. It just missed the $500 prize by centermeters. When I spun the wheel the people in line cheered I won the $500 cash.
We are not big gamblers we only played the penny machines. It took us an hour to play about $25 dollars. The casino had a Mother’s day buffet that everyone was raving about. It was $16.95 per person for the buffet. I asked my mom if she wanted a Roti which is one of our favorite Trinidadian foods. She said yes but where were we going to get a Roti.

I knew of a resturant that was about 20 minutes away Joy’s Roti shop. So off we went to Joys Roti shop. I ordered 2 Rotis and other Trinidadian foods for my sister and her family. They drop my mom off at the casino but did not stay because of her kids. Instead they went to a movie a few miles away. After eating we headed back to the casino to gamble a little more.

We played a few more penny machines lost $10 then moved on to the high rollers machine the 5 cents machine. The $10 dollars we put in it was gone in seconds and that was to rich for our blood. My mom saw a penny machine when we first got to the casino that she wanted to play but when we went to that machine the same people were playing that machine for hours now. So we went looking for another machine but the machine we picked was in a tournament area and we were kicked out. On the way out we saw the original machines we wanted to play was empty now.
We hustled over to the machines and my mom picked one but I said use the other one of the two. We put $20 in the machine and that $20 went to $23.15. The second spin that machine gave us 20 free spins that paid us $796. I instantly cashed out the receipt and told my mom I would give her $20 more to play.

That $20 went down to $4 and the back up too $44. I cashed out again and told my mom let’s run away because we are ahead and our luck might run out. She hesitated, the gambling bug caught her. It did not matter to me I was firm and we left the casino with over $1300 in winnings and all we spent was little over $40. So my mom and I enjoyed our day at the isles casino on Mother’s day.

I renewed my domains on godaddy before price increase

I renewed about 17 if my domains a few days ago because on July 1, 2010, Verisign will increase prices for .COM and .NET domains, so I beat the increase. So renew now for savings.

It looks like it would be around 50 cents more per domain starting July 1st. Frank found a coupon code online that save me another 10% at the check out, so that was real cool.
Godaddy winner notification from twitter
Plus I won a tank top from Godaddy on twitter.