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my first order

I placed a order on this site that was recommended to me by a networking group I joined a few weeks ago. Yes they do have men as members also.

The order I placed on get services for only $ was to correct a problem I have with a website built for me by a company that’s no longer in business.

This company changed my existing site One Stop Wireless that I built with Front page to a site which I can edit from any computer by login and changing whatever I wanted. This was a great idea but it does not work I get errors when trying to do almost everything. I did find some work around that allow me to do simple edits but those are hit and miss, it does not work all the time. So this site had an offer from one of its members saying they will correct code errors in a php site. I place the order yesterday and the confirmation email is below.
I did not get a response from the person who is suppose to help fix the site but I did receive some spam emails soon after that I hope was not sent by them.

My next post will be what my results are from this first order on I hope it works out because I see a lot of other services that I could use on this site.

Confirmation Email from
Dear mobilewiseguy,

Your order was sent to the seller and is now awaiting their approval. We will notify you when that happens. Please keep this email until your order is complete.——————————————–Information about your order——————————————–Order #71392018I will fix any HTML or PHP code for you for $5Description:If you are struggling with a non-working element on your website, a corrupted code or are getting any error messages, I can help you! You do not need to stress yourself with it, I will fix one HTML or PHP page (max. 900 lines of code) for you! If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact me through AOL. AIM: ViralaNetExpected completion date:Jun 22, 2010Seller:viralanetwork (rated 100% Positive) contact seller——————————————–What to do if the seller is not responding ?——————————————–If you feel that the seller is taking too long to respond, you can cancel your order and get your funds back to your Fiverr balance. We recommend allowing sellers at least 24 hours to respond.——————————————–What if the seller rejects my order ?——————————————–Sellers may sometimes choose to give up on an order. This may be due to their inability to perform their work based on the information you provided or they are simply too busy. If a seller rejects your order, your funds are returned to your Fiverr account balance.——————————————–Fiverr Customer Service——————————————–The Fiverr customer service are here to help you. If you need any assistance with an order, please contact us here:
Thanks,The Fiverr Team