Monthly Archives: November 2010

Post from Droid X

I went from Blackberry Storm 2 to a Droid X yesterday. Earlier this month I had switch out my Blackberry Curve on Verizon for a Blackberry Storm 2 and what’s mistake that was. The Storm was not user friendly for someone who is used to the Blackberry keyboard and some of the normal short cuts that I am used too on a Blackberry does not work on the Storm 2. I did like the video player capability and the faster EVDO Rev A speed. The Blackberry Curve 8350 was Rev O and when I watch Vcast Videos on the Curve the video froze a lot or skipped but on the Storm it was seemless.
The Storm did give me problems when my hands were cold and yesterday the screen was so unresponsive I could not make calls or send messages. That promt me to buy a Android phone the Droid X.
This post is done with the X and the WordPress application from the Android Market.