Monthly Archives: August 2011

Mountain bike race in Trinidad at Samman Park, Chaguaramas




Michael Philips promoted a mountain bike race in Trinidad and it happen I was in Trinidad the same time as the race. I knew he had this event because he promoted it on Facebook. I did reply I might be attending as I was not sure I would be in Trinidad at the same time.

I have never seen a mountain bike race live and I my bike is a mountain bike. I never rode on a mountain bike trail or even seen one in person. The current champion happens to work at Mike’s Bikes and is the favored to win today.

I started writing this post in my car because it was raining when I got here. I am using my Motorola Xoom to write this post and take the pictures of this event.

It stopped raining and the race has not started as yet so this will be a muddy one.

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