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How To Build A Tesla Generator And Go Off The Grid Forever | How To Build A Tesla Generator

Tesla created a machine that would cost less than $1000.00 to build today, that would be able to supply free clean electricity from the Earth’s electrical grid and one such unit (about 4’x4’) would supply about 300,000 homes with electricity FREE (or for the cost of $1000.00).

There has been a patented device registered with the United States Patent Office for over 100 years that will produce enough free electricity for all your daily needs, absolutely free, every single day of the year. But don’t just take my word for it – go take a look at the rediscovered Tesla generator plans for yourself

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I am posting regularly again

The last few weeks I have added post to a few of my Blogs Wireless Consultant, Mobile Wiseguy, LTE Cell Phone and Curtis Matthews that’s more than I have done in over 6 months. I have a new web marketer Decidedly Social helping me with a new strategy with my web presence which she decided should be posting and Google AdWords.
The AdWords have not started yet but I have a game plan which will envolve me using the Mobile Wiseguys to accomplish a different approach in selling Verizon Wireless products.

LTE MiFI Hotspot
Home Phone Connect Unlimited Calls $19.99

Read The Law of One it change the way I think!

These books put in perspective what we are here for and what our purpose is in this life. I hope you will have a open mind when you go through these readings. I am amazed by what I read and continue to read. I search the web everyday for more information on The Law of One.


All the writings are on the above link, if you want to read a short breakdown of it read the short version.

Short version of The Law of One

You can listen on youtube

Under iysun777 this person had a program read the text and translated it to voice. I listen to the readings and go over the written words at the same time.