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Buddhist temple in Brandon Florida

The last time I came here to this Buddhist camp was at least 5 years ago and much has changed since then. I guess to accommodate this many more people these changes had to take place. The food is now served in a covered walkways, I remember open tables with


The food was  front of youalso prepared in

a line of 2  or 3 people ahead of you. Now the line can be 25 + people in front of you all waiting for the delicious food.

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Working with my Blogs to strengthen my rankings as Wireless Consultant

Today I spent hours trying to improve my rankings for the key word wireless consultant. I created a Facebook page, but it will only work if someone is already logged into Facebook. I tried contacting Facebook for months through all of the channels but have not gotten a response.

I have many friends with Facebook pages that they can post the URL anywhere and the link works without having to be logged into Facebook to work. This tells me that Facebook wants to control me using Wireless Consultant as my user name.

Google, Bing and Yahoo has me ranked for the keyword Wireless Consultant so I wonder why Facebook which allowed my to pick the user name Wireless Consultant won’t let it work properly.

I won’t buy shares when Facebook has their IPO this week.