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Westchase drainage project is still not completed!

I have been watching the progress of the drainage project in Westchase Florida. The crew has been working on this for about four months now and they are about to complete the project.
What I was told is that the lake behind West Park Village is the main drainage point for all of Westchase. All of the drains in Westchase empties into this lake and then gets drained into Tampa Bay.
The crew blocked a section of the lake to hold back all the gunk pumped out of the pipes but now that the project is over they left the crap in the lake. I have called and complained numerous times but nobody is coming out here to fix it yet. This shows how businesses do not care about the environment they are hoping for that crap to just wash away.
This lake is used for fishing by the residence and neighbours, birds use the lake, it if filled with wildlife. I just don’t understand how people just don’t care.

The lake at West Park Village in Westchase Florida before the drainage clean up project

West Park Village Lake with the garbage in it from the drainage project. The yellow barrier broke and everything is going into the lake.

The yellow barrier was tied to the tree and it broke and all the garbage is going into the lake.



What you sow is what you reap.

Yesterday one of my clients told me she had a internet business. When she first started her internet business she had never sent an email before. But this client of mine was determined too conquer the online world and become successful. She was in the fabric industry and  wanted to build a site that sold fabrics. She found a hosting company that specialized with fabric companies, used a website template and created her own website. She found chat rooms and different online communities that help her promote her site. In a matter of months her husband was able to retire and through her endeavours she was able to be financially independent. This site put her kids thru college and gave her a life that most people dream of having.

While I was setting her up with a new MiFi on the new Verizon Wireless Share Everything Plan her story struck me as amazing and because I told her I always wanted to use the web to become financially independent. She asked what was stopping me and I thought to myself it was me that was stopping me. I realized that because I felt it was to difficult for me and I needed a web designer or a some special skills that I did not possess.

Today I used my meditation application that I downloaded on my tablet and (what you sow is what you reap) was the quote of the day. This is to much of a coincidence I have to work at what I want and it will come. If I don’t put some effort everyday in what I want for myself how do I expect to get it.

Most of my life I have been a Wireless Consultant and what I always dreamed about is writing reviews on mobile devices and the different wireless services and features. What shall be my first step is reviewing my current devices and features.

Curtism is short for Curtis Matthews

Years ago I wanted to make it very easy for my clients to find me online. I check different domain names and my name was available was available. That was great news for me plus when someone does a Google search for my name bingo my domain name is always on the first page.

The next step was how can I make it shorter again I lucked out and found which is obviously short for Curtis Matthews. Now my next step is get curtism ranked in Google so when I tell anyone just Google curtism and you can find me.

So my plan is redirecting to and by writing this post get it ranked in Google. I did a search a few days ago for curtism and it was nowhere to be found on the first 4 pages. I did not go pass 4 pages because past that would not have mattered to me.