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I stopped eating meat

Last Thanksgiving in 2012 I decided to give up meat and chicken for a while, maybe a few week or until my cruise on December 24th 2012. I have always been a huge meat eater more than most people. I am a member of Don Shula’s 48oz club, that means I ate all my food, appetizer and the 48oz steak. I said to my friends and family “This is going to be easy for me to give up meat for a few weeks before the cruise”. They were betting against me, they all said I would not be able to make it til the cruise. I was to much of a meat eater, I had to have meat with every meal. I showed them up I made it up to the cruise.

On the day of the cruise I was still meat free and I did feel lighter like everyone who I had spoken too told me they felt when they stop eating meat. The cruise was fun and it was great that my family members were all taking a Christmas cruise together. One of my uncles on the cruise did not eat meat as well, he only ate seafood and eggs like I was doing. He has been a Vegetarian for years and he gave me inspiration to keep to the meatless diet on the while on the cruise. That was in December of 2012 and I had another cruise in January of 2013.

The January cruise was with 19 friends and I still kept to my meatless diet. A few things that changed besides felling lighter and having more energy was I could workout longer and I did not get sore. My muscles recovered faster from my workouts, but my body shrank, I was not losing weight I weighed the same it seemed that I got more compact, I guess I was just puffed up from eating meat.

About three months into my new diet of not eating meat or chicken, I was substituting my protein intake eating a lot of eggs, Tofu, fish, shrimp and other seafood’s. Then I came home one day and my girlfriend told me she found out that to much Tofu was bad for me. Tofu in abundance would produce estrogen and give me a upset stomach. I did not research if she was right or wrong I just took her word for it. What was interesting is that we were going to an Indian restaurant that same night in Oldsamr. I ordered a vegetarian dish and Gina order a meat dish for diner. I also order an appetizer but they brought out the wrong appetizer. The wrong appetizer was called Chilly Paneer. Paneer is an Indian cottage cheese used to substitute meat.

The Paneer was delicious and my new Tofu replacement. We use the Paneer for lots of dishes, its great with lots of Trinidadian dishes especially curry. I am not having any problems find different foods to eat when we are out at restaurants. The menus these days almost always have a vegetarian dish or you can eat a salad. I will keep everyone updated with my progress with my new meals and my workouts. I want to see what I would look like after six months of this diet. I was of the impression vegetarians looked dried out and shriveled up.