Periodically I will be working on this Blog about me Curtis Matthews. I was born in Port of Spain Trinidad and grew up in the U.S.A.. This Blog is will be my journal of different things I encounter in my daily life.

My interest are mobile phones, science, healthy lifestyle and religion. I have more experience in the mobile phone industry than most people. My health is important to me and I want to be the best I can be without taking supplements and drugs to get in shape like bodybuilders. I am not religious but I want to know why the world is religious and all of its meanings. Science is my inspiration, science will change this world and I want to see these changes that will make this place a better place for everyone.

My web advisor told me this web presence will work to generate traffic and eventually revenue, by posting my experiences of being in the mobile phone industry starting from the cell phone (car phone) roots in South Florida and on going till today. I will be posting what I learn along the way in the mobile phone industry with opinions and views. My web adviser Frank Madison told me that the postings will give me a presence that will allow a income from the different affiliated marketing that I do.
The other websites I work on are and Wirelessconsultant.nett both are about cell phones and wireless devices. The MobileWiseguy.comis a Blog about my experiences and opinions within the cell phone industry. The second site WirelessConsultant.netis another site on cell phones.

Curtis Matthews

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