Everyday I go to the gym and my workout varies I might do something different for that body part day, different body part, cardio only or whatever my body says it can handle that day. Its always good to mix up exercises, reps, weight and equipment for maximum growth and stimulation. What is the best combination for you depends on what you want to archive. The goals and training techniques will have different factors and those factors can vary dramatically.

I train currently at LA Fitness and Ballys. I have 2 LA Fitness gyms around my house, one on 184 avenue and Pines Blvd and one on Flamingo Road off Pines Blvd. The Ballys is on Pines and 150 avenue.

February 14th 2010

LA Fitness Flamingo RD

First exercises super set
Lat pull downs 180lbs with
Sit ups on ball 25 reps
4 super sets total after warming up.

Later pullovers 3 sets 11 reps with 25lb dumbbells

Rope push back 3 sets 11 reps 110-130lbs

Bent over rows
135 lbs 3 sets 11 reps

One arm dumbbell rows 75lb 3 sets 11

Machine pull back 2 sets of 9 reps holding the contraction.
Preacher curl machine 2 sets of 11 reps 45lbs

One set of calves on seated press 3 plates each side 60 reps, 25, 15 drop set rest is seconds equal to balance of the 100 reps

30 minutes on recumbent bike

February 15th 2010

LA Fitness on Flamingo

Straight leg dead lifts 4 sets

Squats 2 set 11 reps 135lbs

Leg lifts 5 sets of 11 reps one leg at a time

Lying Leg curls 6 sets 11 reps 75lbs

Hip abduction 3 sets 20 reps 110lbs
Reverse Hip abduction 3 sets 20 reps

30 minutes cardio recumbent bike

February 16th 2010

Flamingo LA Fitness

Shoulder press machine 4 sets moving weights up each set and final set a drop set. (3 plates, 2plates and one plate)

Super set dumbbell rear, side and front raises. 3 super sets 11 reps each

Cable flys 3 sets 11 reps 10-12 weight level

Machine incline bench 2 sets 120-130lbs

Machine fly 1 set 11 reps 130lbs


Narrow grip flat bench 2 sets 9 reps 135lbs

Push downs 3 sets 11 reps 120-150 lbs

One arm cable push downs 3 sets 11 reps 30lbs

Barbell upright rows 4 sets 9 reps 65-125lbs

30 minutes cardio recumbent bike.

February 17th 2010

LA Fitness on Flamingo 7am

100 ball crunches

Seated donkey calves machine 3 plates and a 25 each side. 55 reps, 27 reps, 18 reps.

Machine pull backs 6 sets 3 with rack

Cable rows narrow grip 2 sets 11 reps full stretch 165-195lbs

Cable rows medium grip bar 2 sets 7 reps hold at top for count 180lb

Cable pull downs in front wide grip 5 sets 7 reps 180

Dumbbell pullovers 3 sets 11 reps 30lb dumbbells

Rope pull backs hold at top 3 sets 9 reps 80-100lbs

Machine preacher curl 4 sets 11-9 reps 35-65lbs

Machine incline biceps curl 3 sets 9 reps 110lbs

Free motion machine biceps curl 2 sets 11 reps 10-11

Cardio recumbent bike 30 min.

February 18th 2010

LA on 184 ava and Pines Blvd

85 sit ups

100 donkey calves 3plates and 25lb 63, 24, 13

Leg press warm up to 10 plates on each side 22 reps and 6 plates 30 reps

Hack squat 1 plate 2 sets 11 reps

Leg lifts each leg separately 3 sets 11 reps

Leg curls 3 sets 11 reps 80-100lbs

Hip abduction 3 sets 20 reps 110lb

Hip aduction 3 sets 20 reps 110lb

February 19th 2010

LA Fitness on Flamingo Road in Pembroke Pines

Today was chest, shoulders and triceps but I felt tired.

Machine crunches 55 reps

Recumbent bike 40 minutes

February 20th 2010

LA Fitness Flamingo in Pembroke Pines

Hammer strength machine
4 sets plate 11reps, 2 plates 11reps, 3 plates 9reps, 3 plates 7reps drp 2 11reps drp 1 11reps.

Cable rear lateral raises 3 set 11reps weight ?

Side lateral machine 3 sets weight ?

Dumbbell flat bench presses 3 sets 55lb 11reps, 75lb 11reps, 90lb 11reps

Free motion cable flys 4 sets 11-9reps 11-13 weight

Incline machine bench press
3 sets 11reps 150-210lb

Machine flys seated super set with seated rear delts
3 sets each weights ?

Dumbbell lying extensions
3 sets 11 reps 20-30lb

Triceps push downs
3 sets weight ?

One arm cable triceps push downs
3 sets 11reps 5-6 weights

February 21st 2010

LA Fitness Flamingo in Pembroke Pines

Cable low rows 4 sets 11reps last set 9reps 275lb

One arm cable rows 3 sets 11 reps 70-90lbs

Wide cable row hold at top 3 sets 9reps 165lbs

Pull up 3 sets 9reps

Dumbbell lying pullovers 3 sets 11reps 30lb dumbbells

Cable rear push downs 3 sets 11reps weights ?


Machine preacher curl 3 sets 11reps 65, 75, 85lb

Seated incline machine curls 3 sets 9 reps 120lb

Free motion alternate seated curls 2 sets 11reps 11,12

45 minutes of racquetball

February 22nd 2010

LA Fitness on Flamingo in Pembroke Pines

Seated ab machine in front of aerobic room. 100reps 125lb

Straight leg dead lifts 4 sets 11×135, 9×155, 7×185, 5×205lb

Lying leg curl 3 sets 11×70lb, 11×80lb, 9×90lb

Smith machine squats 3×20reps 225lb

Leg lifts 3 sets 110lbx11reps, 135lbx11reps, 150×9reps

Cardio on the recumbent bike 30 min level 9

February 23rd 2010

LA Fitness on 184 and Pines

2 hours of racquetball

February 24th 2010

LA Fitness Flamingo in Pembroke Pines

100 nautlius crunches 125lb

Seated donkey calves 100 reps done 63, 22, 15 140lb per side

Incline bench dumbbell presses
11×55, 11×75, 11×90, 9×100lb

Incline dumbbell flys
3 sets 11×40lb

Machine flat bench
3 sets 11×170, 11×190, 11×210lb

Machine flys
3 sets 11×120, 11×130, 9×140lb


Lying dumbbell extensions
3 sets the last a drop set 7×35, 9×35, (7×35-9×25lb)

Rope push downs
2 sets 2×11x37lb

Reverse pressdowns

Seated dumbell presses
6 sets 11×30, 11×40, 11×45, 11×50, 11×60, 11×65lb

Rear delt machine
5sets weights ?

Machine Shrugs

February 25th 2010

LA Fitness Flamingo and Pines

Standing calves raises
5 sets last 3 sets rack 20+ reps

Barbell bent over row machine
11×55, 11×90, 11×135, 11×180lb

Spider bench 11×180lb

Low row hammer machine
3 sets 2 platesx11, 3 platesx11, 4 platesx9

Assisted Pull ups 5×9reps 75lb assist

Lying dumbbell pull overs
11×25, 11×35, 11×35lb

Straight bar push backs
3 sets weight ?

Preacher curl ez curl bar
11×25, 11×45, 11×65, 11×85, 6×105lb

Incline machine curls

Free motion biceps curl seated alternate arms
11×11, 9×12

Cardio 30 minutes on recumbent bike

All this cardio and training won’t get me where I need to be if I want to enter a natural bodybuilding competition.

February 26th 2010

Bally Total Fitness Pembroke Pines

Leg press
Warm up to rack 9 plates each side 30×9 plates, 30×6 plates

Hack squat
No weight 11 reps, 1 plate 7 reps, 1 plate and 25lb 7 reps, 2 plates 7 reps

Leg extensions
3×11xweights ?

Leg curl
5×11xweight ?

Hip abductor outer
3×11xweights ?

Hip abductor inner
3×11xweights ?

Precor elliptical
25 min first 12 hit training

February 27th 2010

100 ball crunches

Hammer shoulder presses
Warm up, 3 plates 10 reps, 3 plates 7 reps then drp 2 plates 9 reps then drp to 1 plate 11 reps.

Cable side laterals
3×11x weights ?

Machine reverse deck
5×11x weights ?

Hammer flat bench
3 sets weights and reps?

Hammer incline bench
3 sets weights and reps?

Hammer decline bench
3 sets weights and reps?

Cable flys
3 sets weights and reps?

Machine flys
3 sets weights and reps?

Lying dumbell nose breakers
3 sets weights and reps?

One arm seated tricep extenstions
3 sets weights and reps?

One arm cable push downs
3 sets weights and reps?

Standing calve raises
Warm up 3×20x rack

February 28th 2010

LA Fitness Flamingo Pembroke Pines

Hammer front pull downs
3 sets weights and reps?

Hammer reverse grip pull downs
3 sets weights and reps?

Hammer rear lat pull downs
3 sets weights and reps?

Hammer low row
3 sets weights and reps?

3 sets weights and reps?

30 min cardio recumbent bike.

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