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I got unlimited 4G Hotspots on Verizon Wireless

I am glad I upgraded my 4G

Advertising from Verizon

Verizon Wireless Jet pack to the Unlimited Broadband $59.99. Because When I use my Motorola Xoom its the same speed as the internal Broadband connection but unlimited. I was lucky when I logged onto my Verizon Wireless account and saw this advertisement .

So I am so lucky to have an unlimited LTE 4G Broadband hotspot on the best network in America Verizon Wireless.image

I am posting regularly again

The last few weeks I have added post to a few of my Blogs Wireless Consultant, Mobile Wiseguy, LTE Cell Phone and Curtis Matthews that’s more than I have done in over 6 months. I have a new web marketer Decidedly Social helping me with a new strategy with my web presence which she decided should be posting and Google AdWords.
The AdWords have not started yet but I have a game plan which will envolve me using the Mobile Wiseguys to accomplish a different approach in selling Verizon Wireless products.

LTE MiFI Hotspot
Home Phone Connect Unlimited Calls $19.99

my Google Adwords progress for my dating sites

I started back a few weeks ago using Google Adwords to promote some of my websites. I should of started back in February when I got contacted by Tangowire. Tangowire wanted to assist me in creating good landing pages for Google Adwords. I first had to understand what landing pages where.

Landing pages is the page that a person is directed too after clicking the ad you created in Google Adwords. The landing page should be specific to what your ad is promoting to work effectively. If  I am promoting a Gay Dating site my ad will speak about Gay and Lesbian dating and I would make my ad’s landing page show gay couples, you would not put straight couples on the landing page because it would not make sense that I would click a link that is suppose to take me to a Gay Dating Site. The better the landing page relates to the Ad in Google the better position that Ad will get, mean more clicks and hopefully more conversions. Conversions is when some clicks your Ad and purchases a product or service from the website you are promoting.

So its been about three weeks now and I have spent only $50 on Google Adwords so far. I have gotten more clicks this last few week and a few new free members but no conversions. A few years ago I spent hundreds of dollars every few months with Google, Yahoo and MSN ads. I broke even sometimes but really never saw a profit. Now I have a better understanding, I hope to make this venture profitable.