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New video created with Magisto Android application

I created this on a Galaxy S3 and uploaded it to Youtube which is one of the share options. I know the music does not match but I do like Sizzla. This version of the Magisto application is the free one. I did not chose any of the edits in the video it is automatically done in the application. I just pick the video, pictures and music. The application has music that you can choose from or you can pick music from your own library.

What you sow is what you reap.

Yesterday one of my clients told me she had a internet business. When she first started her internet business she had never sent an email before. But this client of mine was determined too conquer the online world and become successful. She was in the fabric industry and  wanted to build a site that sold fabrics. She found a hosting company that specialized with fabric companies, used a website template and created her own website. She found chat rooms and different online communities that help her promote her site. In a matter of months her husband was able to retire and through her endeavours she was able to be financially independent. This site put her kids thru college and gave her a life that most people dream of having.

While I was setting her up with a new MiFi on the new Verizon Wireless Share Everything Plan her story struck me as amazing and because I told her I always wanted to use the web to become financially independent. She asked what was stopping me and I thought to myself it was me that was stopping me. I realized that because I felt it was to difficult for me and I needed a web designer or a some special skills that I did not possess.

Today I used my meditation application that I downloaded on my tablet and (what you sow is what you reap) was the quote of the day. This is to much of a coincidence I have to work at what I want and it will come. If I don’t put some effort everyday in what I want for myself how do I expect to get it.

Most of my life I have been a Wireless Consultant and what I always dreamed about is writing reviews on mobile devices and the different wireless services and features. What shall be my first step is reviewing my current devices and features.

How To Build A Tesla Generator And Go Off The Grid Forever | How To Build A Tesla Generator

Tesla created a machine that would cost less than $1000.00 to build today, that would be able to supply free clean electricity from the Earth’s electrical grid and one such unit (about 4’x4’) would supply about 300,000 homes with electricity FREE (or for the cost of $1000.00).

There has been a patented device registered with the United States Patent Office for over 100 years that will produce enough free electricity for all your daily needs, absolutely free, every single day of the year. But don’t just take my word for it – go take a look at the rediscovered Tesla generator plans for yourself

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