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Online idea with Seolutions

Seolutions is a name I came up with a long time ago while I was marketing a friends business I used domain as a marketing tool. Sadly the business was halted due to unforeseen circumstance.
Since then I had the domain pointed to a WordPress site, I have a few domains pointed to various sites that I use WordPress. I added a new post 2 days ago to Seolutions “Short SEO Guide for Small Business, a beginner blogger first step “Research“.

This post was mostly content from, I got content that was misspelled and the grammar was bad. The post was a part of my plan to generate revenue from Adsense and other PPC sites from Seolutions. SEO solutions is the beginning of my Search engine optimization.

New video created with Magisto Android application

I created this on a Galaxy S3 and uploaded it to Youtube which is one of the share options. I know the music does not match but I do like Sizzla. This version of the Magisto application is the free one. I did not chose any of the edits in the video it is automatically done in the application. I just pick the video, pictures and music. The application has music that you can choose from or you can pick music from your own library.

Watch “Dragonflies eating each other” on YouTube





Outside my garage in Westchase I noticed this insect on the ground I though it was dead the I realised it was eating a Grasshopper or another dragonfly.
I took out my Samsung S3 and got some pictures and a video. Then I was about to move them so my car would not crush them on the way out but as soon as I touched the dragonfly it flew up into a tree with its food in hand.


Knowledge what is it

Knowledge from Wikipedia:
Knowledge is a familiarity with someone or something, which can include facts, information, descriptions, or skills acquired through experience or education. It can refer to the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. It can be implicit (as with practical skill or expertise) or explicit (as with the theoretical understanding of a subject); it can be more or less formal or systematic. [1] In philosophy, the study of knowledge is called epistemology; the philosopher Plato famously defined knowledge as “justified true belief.” However, no single agreed upon definition of knowledge exists, though there are numerous theories to explain it.

I had to think about what knowledge means to me. Knowledge is something you know, knowledge should be shared, knowledge needs to be learnt. Some people have more knowledge than others in different situations and experiences.

I believe I have more knowledge in the wireless communication industry than most others because of my years in the industry and my continued education by reading about the new trends.

What does knowledge mean to you?