25 Mar 17

Mazzaro’s Car Show

Vintage Cars at Mazzaro Market

Vintage cars & trucks at Mazzaro Italian Market

Check out the other pictures I got from the show on the link below in my Google photo’s album.

Google Photo’s Link

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29 Apr 13

I decided not to change my daily activities too much with this challenge. The people around the world who have to live on $1.50 a day of food probably don’t have a desk job like me. So I still went to the gym this morning and did a hour of weights and 25 minutes of stationary bike. I weighed in at 193lbs on the first day of this project. My decision to go to the gym this morning was to satisfied my ego ( I don’t want to shrink to much) and equaled the playing field a little with the people who have to do physical work to earn that $1.50.

My choice of food for the next 5 days are rice, beans and eggs which cost a total of $7.20 at Publix.

I started cooking and decide not to use any salt or seasonings because it did not fit into my budget, big mistake everything tastes so plain. I will try to post major changes and my progress here but most of my updates will be on

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