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Buddhist temple in Brandon Florida

The last time I came here to this Buddhist camp was at least 5 years ago and much has changed since then. I guess to accommodate this many more people these changes had to take place. The food is now served in a covered walkways, I remember open tables with


The food was  front of youalso prepared in

a line of 2  or 3 people ahead of you. Now the line can be 25 + people in front of you all waiting for the delicious food.

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how I tracked my workouts and diet on my Blog

Since February 14th 2010 I have tried to figure out the correct way to track a diet and workout on a Blog. I wanted to put all my workouts and food intake on this Blog eaisly with my Blackberry Bold 9700 and the WordPress application.

I started to make 2 pages a day for the day’s food intake and workouts. It was not hard to do these post but somthing did not make sense with the format.

While I continued to make two pages for each day I saw on the Blog it placed the pages on the bottom of the Blog under the headings (my daily eating habits) or (my daily workouts). I did not want that formating, logging one after another on the bottom like that would make a very long footer with days of workouts and eating habits. What I wanted was every days diet and workout to be listed only under the corresponding pages only with the heading, (my daily eating habits) or (my daily workouts. I want that you have to click on the page About and on that page you see the links to my daily diet and workouts.

My web guy said each daily log should be one page for each category and just add to that page the daily logs. So yesterday I started to copy the daily pages into their categories and it did look a lot better but I am want to try some other things.

One of the main things I do not like is when I want to add to the post it becomes very difficult to do from my Blackberry Bold 9700 now using the WordPress application. I have to scroll way to much to add more daily deatails because of the amount of preivous logs and the pictures html. I need a easy way to add the daily logs of workout and diet on the Blackberry.

Until I can figure out a better way to do my posts I will not continue to do my daily logs with the WordPress application on my Blackberry Bold 9700. I have done the last 2 weeks in February and edit it on one page like my web guy told me too.

adding pages to a Blog

The last couple of days I added a few pages with my daily workouts and food intake. I started doing this on Valentines day and almost kept good records of everything. I say almost good because I wanted to record all the foods by picture, video and text on my Blog. I have not taken pictures and written text of all foods but most is here and with time and efficiency I will only get better.

I am using the WordPress application on my Blackberry and so far today 2/17/10 almost everything was done with this app. Besides the video of lunch on one of my food days everything was easy.

The lunch video could not upload with the WordPress application in my Blackberry Bold 9700. I had to send to Youtube then download back to my 9700 as a MP4 then upload with the word press application.

Then the format which the days a shown on the bottom of my Blog seem to be a little busy with all the days listed on the bottom. I thought I would be able to file under specific pages and the only way to view the daily pages was to go to the main page of workouts or food to see the daily logs.