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10 key excerpts from Pope Francis’s encyclical on the environment – The Washington Post

This was a very important statement by one of the most influential people in the world.

I am a believer in working together in harmony on this planet.

The Golden Rule, treat others as you want to be treated. Why would that not apply to the Earth?

We need to work together!
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Tobago West Indies
Click the picture to see the panoramic view of this beach. Some of the things we enjoy, a beautiful day on the beach.

Armored Catfish in Westchase Florida


I was not sure what this was after we caught it in the lake behind my house in West Park Village. This lake is in the Westchase community Tampa, Florida.
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I posted the picture on Facebook and one of my friends commented on the post to link on Yahoo. There seems to be a problem with these fish in Florida. They say the fish lay there eggs off near shore and the holes are sometimes eight feet deep and people are falling into these hole and breaking there legs.

I don’t know about that I just thought it was cool to catch.

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Westchase started to clean the lake!

The first day after my last post the crew working at Westchase started to clean the lake. I don’t know if it’s because of my post but I don’t care they’re cleaning the lake. I will post pictures when they complete the cleanup.

thank you

Westchase lake is starting to get cleaned up
West Park Village Tampa Florida



Westchase drainage project is still not completed!

I have been watching the progress of the drainage project in Westchase Florida. The crew has been working on this for about four months now and they are about to complete the project.
What I was told is that the lake behind West Park Village is the main drainage point for all of Westchase. All of the drains in Westchase empties into this lake and then gets drained into Tampa Bay.
The crew blocked a section of the lake to hold back all the gunk pumped out of the pipes but now that the project is over they left the crap in the lake. I have called and complained numerous times but nobody is coming out here to fix it yet. This shows how businesses do not care about the environment they are hoping for that crap to just wash away.
This lake is used for fishing by the residence and neighbours, birds use the lake, it if filled with wildlife. I just don’t understand how people just don’t care.

The lake at West Park Village in Westchase Florida before the drainage clean up project

West Park Village Lake with the garbage in it from the drainage project. The yellow barrier broke and everything is going into the lake.

The yellow barrier was tied to the tree and it broke and all the garbage is going into the lake.