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Mountain bike race in Trinidad at Samman Park, Chaguaramas




Michael Philips promoted a mountain bike race in Trinidad and it happen I was in Trinidad the same time as the race. I knew he had this event because he promoted it on Facebook. I did reply I might be attending as I was not sure I would be in Trinidad at the same time.

I have never seen a mountain bike race live and I my bike is a mountain bike. I never rode on a mountain bike trail or even seen one in person. The current champion happens to work at Mike’s Bikes and is the favored to win today.

I started writing this post in my car because it was raining when I got here. I am using my Motorola Xoom to write this post and take the pictures of this event.

It stopped raining and the race has not started as yet so this will be a muddy one.

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Video Talk

Yesterday I went to a presentation for Video Talk. The company is a multilevel company that sells a technology to use video in emails, web shows, video conferencing with up to sixteen users and presentations.
The meeting was all about how much money you could make but nothing about the technology behind the service.
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I found a technical guy who showed me how it works and it did work great. I had a email sent to me and in the email the video was already embedded with a great customized template. I also went to a site that had the videos on it and the both work flawlessly. The videos work with Flash so it won’t work on iPhones or iPads and that seem funny because the company gives out iPads as prizes.

I like the concept and the compensation package but I think they will have to battle all the new free technologies like Skype, Tango and others for this growing market.

There price is $49. 99 per month for all of the features. I can do some of the services they offer now for free but not as fancy as the embedded video or the template but I can do for free.
The best feature was the 16 person videoconferencing but I did not see a example of that service.