25 Mar 17

Mazzaro’s Car Show

Vintage Cars at Mazzaro Market

Vintage cars & trucks at Mazzaro Italian Market

Check out the other pictures I got from the show on the link below in my Google photo’s album.

Google Photo’s Link

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14 Jun 15

Seolutions is a name I came up with a long time ago while I was marketing a friends business I used Seolutions.com domain as a marketing tool. Sadly the business was halted due to unforeseen circumstance.
Since then I had the domain pointed to a WordPress site, I have a few domains pointed to various sites that I use WordPress. I added a new post 2 days ago to Seolutions “Short SEO Guide for Small Business, a beginner blogger first step “Research“.

This post was mostly content from Fiverr.com, I got content that was misspelled and the grammar was bad. The post was a part of my plan to generate revenue from Adsense and other PPC sites from Seolutions. SEO solutions is the beginning of my Search engine optimization.

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