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Understanding and accepting all views and opinions is one of my goals.

We have so many different people on this earth and each having their own opinions and views, makes us special and interesting. I have been trying to understand every distortion, whether it be a political, religious or cultural just to name a few. This choice I have made has lead me to learn more about myself and why I think the way I do.
I watch YouTube, TedTalks and read as much as can to gain knowledge of different opinions on life.
When I see post on sites with comments that are negative and argumentative, I wonder how are we to understand each other if we can not accept another person view or opinion. We should be able to discuss and debate all opinions not condemn them. Years ago when someone said the world is round they were criticized as being a heretic for not being a part of the larger majority of people believing the world was flat. If we would have listened our understanding of the earth would be know more advanced.

The Golden Rules
The Golden Rules

The enquistance was a part of our history that put us back 100s of years. The church was against science and the dogma of religious beliefs set us back. Let us not let other dogmas do the same today.

We have a people who love football, they go to games with friends and family. Groups get together and have football parties but when someone likes a team other than the majority in that group we sometimes turn a fun event into arguments.

I am updating this currently but the image was very important to share for me.

Online idea with Seolutions

Seolutions is a name I came up with a long time ago while I was marketing a friends business I used domain as a marketing tool. Sadly the business was halted due to unforeseen circumstance.
Since then I had the domain pointed to a WordPress site, I have a few domains pointed to various sites that I use WordPress. I added a new post 2 days ago to Seolutions “Short SEO Guide for Small Business, a beginner blogger first step “Research“.

This post was mostly content from, I got content that was misspelled and the grammar was bad. The post was a part of my plan to generate revenue from Adsense and other PPC sites from Seolutions. SEO solutions is the beginning of my Search engine optimization.

Curtism is short for Curtis Matthews

Years ago I wanted to make it very easy for my clients to find me online. I check different domain names and my name was available was available. That was great news for me plus when someone does a Google search for my name bingo my domain name is always on the first page.

The next step was how can I make it shorter again I lucked out and found which is obviously short for Curtis Matthews. Now my next step is get curtism ranked in Google so when I tell anyone just Google curtism and you can find me.

So my plan is redirecting to and by writing this post get it ranked in Google. I did a search a few days ago for curtism and it was nowhere to be found on the first 4 pages. I did not go pass 4 pages because past that would not have mattered to me.