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Online idea with Seolutions

Seolutions is a name I came up with a long time ago while I was marketing a friends business I used Seolutions.com domain as a marketing tool. Sadly the business was halted due to unforeseen circumstance.
Since then I had the domain pointed to a WordPress site, I have a few domains pointed to various sites that I use WordPress. I added a new post 2 days ago to Seolutions “Short SEO Guide for Small Business, a beginner blogger first step “Research“.

This post was mostly content from Fiverr.com, I got content that was misspelled and the grammar was bad. The post was a part of my plan to generate revenue from Adsense and other PPC sites from Seolutions. SEO solutions is the beginning of my Search engine optimization.

Blogging by email

Blogging by email is the easiest way for me to do new posts to my Blog. I have been using this way to post for over a year now but its different now since I changed the Blog to be hosted on Hostgator while using the WordPress Blog software. The old Blog on WordPress let me put html and pictures in the email and it would show up in the post but now after I write the post I must logon to my WordPress administration site and edit the Blog with pictures, links, html and or any other media files. I guess I would just have to figure out how to work around the new Blogging software.
Now I still have not transferred back my Blog mobilewiseguy.com from Godaddy to WordPress, I am still picking out the new template. The Godaddy Blog was not bad but to get good rankings on the web with Google WordPress is much better to use.
The day before yesterday I forwarded my domain CurtisM.com to curtismatthews.com so I can use the CurtisM.com in my tweets on twitter as it is a much shorter url. You can follow me on twitter @ curtismatthews or @ mobilewiseguy.com