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Westchase started to clean the lake!

The first day after my last post the crew working at Westchase started to clean the lake. I don’t know if it’s because of my post but I don’t care they’re cleaning the lake. I will post pictures when they complete the cleanup.

thank you

Westchase lake is starting to get cleaned up
West Park Village Tampa Florida



Westchase drainage project is still not completed!

I have been watching the progress of the drainage project in Westchase Florida. The crew has been working on this for about four months now and they are about to complete the project.
What I was told is that the lake behind West Park Village is the main drainage point for all of Westchase. All of the drains in Westchase empties into this lake and then gets drained into Tampa Bay.
The crew blocked a section of the lake to hold back all the gunk pumped out of the pipes but now that the project is over they left the crap in the lake. I have called and complained numerous times but nobody is coming out here to fix it yet. This shows how businesses do not care about the environment they are hoping for that crap to just wash away.
This lake is used for fishing by the residence and neighbours, birds use the lake, it if filled with wildlife. I just don’t understand how people just don’t care.

The lake at West Park Village in Westchase Florida before the drainage clean up project

West Park Village Lake with the garbage in it from the drainage project. The yellow barrier broke and everything is going into the lake.

The yellow barrier was tied to the tree and it broke and all the garbage is going into the lake.



On the way to Miami Airport

We are on the way to Miami from Tampa to pick up Gina’s brother at the airport. He is coming in from Trinidad. The drive is about 4 1/2 hours each way and I am letting Rebecca drive the first leg of the trip. Rebecca got her driving learners permit a few weeks ago and this will help her log some good hours behind the wheel and get highway driving experience.

My car is hooked up to keep up entertained with two Verizon Wireless MiFis, a laptop, a tablet and Netflix so no boredom here. I plan to play games and watch movies all the way up and down. I have my mobile devices set up to play the audio through my cars stereo by Bluetooth and auxiliary jack input.

I am working on making my skinny legs bigger while wearing my Verizon Wireless energy cap

My brother told me the other day that I have the strongest chicken legs he has ever seen. So I decided to have a video taken of myself doing the leg press machine at La Fitness in Tampa. I wore my Verizon Wireless cap to also try and promote myself as the Verizon Guy in Tampa but the person taking the video did not do the best job. I was hoping by posting this video to Youtube, Qik, Facebook and this Blog I will get a lot of hits promoting my business selling Verizon Wireless Products and Services in Tampa, Florida.
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