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Working with my Blogs to strengthen my rankings as Wireless Consultant

Today I spent hours trying to improve my rankings for the key word wireless consultant. I created a Facebook page, www.facebook.com/wirelessconsultant but it will only work if someone is already logged into Facebook. I tried contacting Facebook for months through all of the channels but have not gotten a response.

I have many friends with Facebook pages that they can post the URL anywhere and the link works without having to be logged into Facebook to work. This tells me that Facebook wants to control me using Wireless Consultant as my user name.

Google, Bing and Yahoo has me ranked for the keyword Wireless Consultant so I wonder why Facebook which allowed my to pick the user name Wireless Consultant won’t let it work properly.

I won’t buy shares when Facebook has their IPO this week.

I am posting regularly again

The last few weeks I have added post to a few of my Blogs Wireless Consultant, Mobile Wiseguy, LTE Cell Phone and Curtis Matthews that’s more than I have done in over 6 months. I have a new web marketer Decidedly Social helping me with a new strategy with my web presence which she decided should be posting and Google AdWords.
The AdWords have not started yet but I have a game plan which will envolve me using the Mobile Wiseguys to accomplish a different approach in selling Verizon Wireless products.

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Writing to improve my ranking in Google search

This whole Google organic search and social networking thing is getting bigger everyday and I need to jump on the bandwagon. I used to write Blog post on a regular basis on a few different Blogs but I stopped for a number of reasons mainly because I don’t have a Blackberry device anymore. That will be another post in itself what this post is about is Google search rankings.
I used to be number one on Google for keywords like Wireless Consultant, Verizon Wireless Consultant, One Stop Wireless and a few others but now I am nowhere to be found on Google but on Bing and Yahoo I still have first page ranking with these keywords and the others. So why did I lose these rankings in Google and more important how am I to get the back and use it productively.