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New video created with Magisto Android application

I created this on a Galaxy S3 and uploaded it to Youtube which is one of the share options. I know the music does not match but I do like Sizzla. This version of the Magisto application is the free one. I did not chose any of the edits in the video it is automatically done in the application. I just pick the video, pictures and music. The application has music that you can choose from or you can pick music from your own library.

video blogging using youtube

I want to do quick video post using my cell phone to take the video and then uploading from the phone to YouTube so it can be used on my Blog.

My options are I can take a short video now with my Blackberry Bold 9700 and MMS the video to YouTube. The video is sent as a multimedia message to YouTube and the anyone can see your video on YouTube. After the video is uploaded to Youtube it can be link to websites and or Blogs.

The issue I have is that a MMS video is only 30 seconds and the quality is not as good as the higher resolution videos that can be taken with the Blackberry Bold 9700. A normal video can be a few minutes long or as long as you have room on your media card.

I have a few other ways to upload longer and better quality videos to YouTube. First is to take a good quality video with the phone which is recorded on the SD card. Then take my SD media card use the SD adapter to upload the video from my laptop or desktop to YouTube.

Secondly is using my Motorola Backflip it let’s me upload videos taken with it directly to YouTube without the 30 second restriction. I am sure it has something to do with Google owning Android mobile operating system and Youtube. My first test was a 5 minute video I took waiting for the draw bridge to open.

I have told clients about that option with Android Smartphones but there success has been with videos under 30 seconds when the video is a few minutes long they have to have a WiFi connection for the video to upload.

I found a fix for that using Qik. I used to use Qik with my Blackberry Bold 9000 but now that I use a Blackberry Bold 9700 the Qik application on the 9700 is not supported. I still download the Qik application through my Blackberry browser and used it to upload the video that I already had taken.
I am going to caution anyone who does this, it is not supported.I know that I have to stop right after and close the application and then I do a hard reset but I am the Mobile Wise Guy of Cell Phones. After uploading the video I embed it into my Blog.

The video below was taking at Universal Studios on New Years Eve 2009 with my Blackberry Bold 9700.